Getting systems thinking into your classroom and connecting to sustainability

Workshop leaders by Prof. Seamus Delaney & Prof. Peter Mahaffy

In this hands-on, interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to identify and develop systems thinking skills, in order to plan, implement and assess systems thinking in your own classrooms. The workshop will be for both novices and long-time fans of systems thinking in chemistry education (STICE) and its important links to addressing global challenges such as sustainability. Participants will take part in hands-on and online activities recently developed for the Systems Thinking in Chemistry for Sustainability IUPAC project (2020-014-3-050), including the SOCME generating SOCKit applet, connected to the SDGs and the Planetary Boundary Framework. These activities will make use of curriculum resources made available through the Sustainability and Systems Thinking in Chemistry Education (SaSTICE) website, or better yet, bring some curriculum topics of relevance to your teaching, and we will support you to plan, implement and assess systems thinking.